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Musician - TRUMPET

Hello! And welcome to my NEW Wix website. I am Randy Dunn, professional trumpet player and musician based in the greater Houston, Texas area. I perform music of all styles for a variety of ceremonies, events and special occasions, including wedding ceremonies, church services, corporate events, concerts, dances, parties, club and restaurant engagements, fanfares, receptions, grand openings, recording sessions, and much more.


You can find some video samples of some of my trumpet performances on the MUSIC page on this site and you can find even more video music samples of me playing the trumpet (and flugelhorn, etc.) online by searching “Randy Dunn trumpet” on YouTube:

I also have a YouTube channel called "Trumpet Talk" that targets a trumpet player audience. This channel features things like video reviews of trumpets and trumpet accessories, instructions on how to make some useful trumpet accessories (and how to make improvements to some commercially available trumpet accessories), plus educational videos and video discussions on topics that will be helpful to trumpet students and professionals alike who are looking for solutions or improvements in their trumpet playing and performances. You can visit that channel here:

For bookings or other inquiries, you may contact Randy at:




Telephone: (281) 241-9747


Thank you for visiting my Wix website.

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